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Our PDR services include large dent removal, door ding repair, and hail damage repair in Tampa Bay Area. Call or text 727-450-9344 today!

At Minor Auto Damage Smart Repair located in Tampa FL, we specialize in affordable fixes for your vehicle dents and can get your ride looking great again. Whether you need door ding repairs or bumper dent removal, contact our professionals today.

What is PDR?

PDR is the art of restoring auto body damage that has not damaged the original paint job. No painting or body filler is needed. Most dings and dents can be repaired without a trace when the work is completed by a highly skilled technician. There are many benefits of PDR when compared to traditional body shop repairs. Save time and money while maintaining the original finish on your vehicle with Paintless Dent Repair.

How is it done?

PDR can be accomplished when trained technicians gain access from behind the panel and massage the dent back to its original shape using specially designed tools.

Glue Pulling is another method of PDR when access from behind the panel cannot be achieved. Hot glue is applied on a specially designed tab and then set on the dent. Once cooled, a slide hammer is connected to the tab and hammers the dent out. This is a difficult talent to acquire and takes a good amount of knowledge to achieve.

Pushing Dents Since 2016

No matter how careful you are, dents can still happen. At Minor Auto Damage Smart Repair of Tampa FL, we have the experience, training, and specialized tools to restore your car or truck back to its pre-damaged condition. The PDR method removes most dents, dings, and creases out of your vehicle without disturbing the original factory paint finish.


Usually costs less than a third of the body shop


Keep your factory paint (the best paint your car will ever have)


All work is backed by a Lifetime Warranty


Fast turnaround - often same day


Preserve the value of your vehicle


Environmentally friendly

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