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Our Minor Collision Repair services cover dents, scratches, corrections, replacements and more in the Tampa Bay Area. Call or text 727-450-9344 today!

Not all dents qualify for paintless dent repair. When the damage has caused paint chipping, deep punctures, or large damage, collision repair becomes necessary. At Minor Auto Damage Smart Repair, our team of experienced technicians has the smartest solutions for your dent repair needs – all your damage will be repaired the right way with the right techniques. We never cut corners or provide services that do not make sense! We do NOT offer frame adjustments. We have been in business since 2016, and have always provided the highest quality dent repair so you can depend on our experts for a service done right  – guaranteed!

What is Minor Collision Repair?

Minor collision repair is a specialized service designed to address and fix the damages caused by minor accidents or collisions. This type of repair typically focuses on superficial damages that don’t affect the structural integrity of the vehicle but can significantly impact its appearance and functionality.

Benefits of Minor Collision Repair

By addressing small damages like dents, scratches, and bumper issues promptly, you not only maintain the appearance of your car but also prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. Moreover, minor collision repairs are typically more cost-effective compared to extensive repairs, making them a smart choice for long-term vehicle care and value preservation.

What Can Minor Collision Repair Fix?

While minor damages might seem purely cosmetic, they can lead to larger issues if not addressed. Ensuring all components are in good condition enhances overall vehicle safety. Addressing minor damages promptly can prevent more extensive and expensive repairs in the future.


Dents and Scratches


Headlight Damages


Bumper Replacement


Bumper Repairs


Taillight Damages


Paint Corrections


Fender Replacement

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